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Serving the following areas:
Poulsbo, Silverdale, Bremerton, Port Orchard, Purdy, Gig Harbor, Banger, Kingston, Belfair, Shelton, and Bainbridge Island.

Our Restoration Services

Tile & Grout Restoration

No more back breaking tile and grout cleaning with a scrub brush and detergent!   PNR uses state of the art equipment to bring the original shine back to your tile and grout. The deep powerful grout cleaning process extracts dirt and grime from surfaces leaving your floors looking like new.

​Our tile and grout cleaning process is eco friendly and  makes your home safe for your family and pets when we leave.

Natural Stone Restoration

With modern technology, cleaning methods have dramatically advanced in accordance with environmental and safety awareness. We pride ourselves in tackling stone and projects using the safest, most effective technique to bring about first class results. Our cleaning systems are environmentally friendly and we can provide sealants for protection from future atmospheric pollutants keeping your stone looking like new.

Garage Floors

PNR provides Polished Concrete, Metallic Epoxy, Color Flake and High Build Coatings which can be done in Basements, Garages and any Commercial or Residential buildings.

​Our coating systems provide a durable finished floor that is both easy to maintain and adds value to your home.

Mold Cleanup

Mold can be one of the most troubling and dangerous issues you can face in your home or business. If you notice visible mold, had excessive water in your property or smell foul odors, you may be at risk. Don't risk your health and those around you with an unqualified technician; you deserve the best in mold remediation.

Concrete Cleanup

Concrete needs maintenance including hot water pressure washing on a regular basis.  Our process removes years of dirt, mold, and grime off the surface. 

Regular concrete cleaning will leave your business or home inviting to guests.

Carpet Cleaning

We offer carpet cleaning in your home or office as well as hardwood, tile & area rug cleaning services.  

​Request a cleaning professional call you to discuss your carpet, tile or rug cleaning needs. We promise to provide honest answers to your questions with no high pressure sales.

Bed bugs can live in carpet fibers and wooden floorboards. For their size, they are extremely fast and can crawl more than 100 feet to obtain a blood meal, usually at night from people who are sleeping. Engorgement takes about three to 10 minutes yet people rarely realize they are being bitten. A person sheds about 1.5 million skin flakes an hour, most of which becomes embedded in our carpets most of which becomes embedded in our carpets.

Scientists believe that more than 43 million tons of dust falls over the U.S. every year. Indoor air usually contains about twice as much dust as the air outside. That’s a million microscopic particles in a cubic inch of air. About 2,000 dust mites can live happily on one ounce of carpet dust.

Wall-to-wall carpeting is less healthy than smaller rugs because wall-to-wall carpets tend to be more permanent and harder-to-clean endpoints for moisture, chemicals, liquids, crumbs, and other spills that provide molds, mildew, yeasts, and bacteria (such as e-coli) with a rich and nearly continuous supply of nutrients.

Naphthalene is commonly found in carpet cleaners. In concentrated form, it is dangerous to breath and can cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, and urinary irritation. It is a suspected carcinogen and can be toxic to children, infants, and pets.

Brick Restoration

Brick can be nearly impossible to restore once mineral deposits from landscape watering, bleaches and stains have accumilated, leaving the brick surface with a white appearance.  

We can remove these deposits and restore the red brick color using special treatments formulated specifically for these surfaces. We will also seal the brick to help reduce the formation of these deposits in the future.

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